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Two central email systems are currently available to the University community: Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange. (Email help)

  • Undergraduate and graduate students use Google Apps
  • Faculty and staff may use either of the systems.


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Network-related tools

  • Conference registration
  • My Wi-Fi: Display your current Wi-Fi connection information.
  • Network Guest Registration: (Add access for a guest [active UDelNet account required] | Guest log in)
  • Network jack activation & troubleshooting: Send email to or call 831-6000.
  • Network Time Protocol
    • Suggestion 1: Have the PDC emulator on your domain, sync with a reliable time server ( is about as reliable as they get) and then the rest of your domain machines, including other domain controllers and servers should be configured by default to sync with the PDC emulator. Stand-alone machines can point right to in the time/clock settings on the workstation.
    • Suggestion 2: Sync servers and domain controllers to,, and in that order.
    • Microsoft: How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server
  • Request a new IP address: (Faculty and staff computers)
    1. Refer to the list of IPs for your department.
    2. Central IT maintains some IP lists. Send email to
    3. Preferred registration method: DHCP automatic with associated fixed IPaddress.
  • Request a new IP address: (Printers and servers not requiring outside access from the Internet)
    • Some devices and servers are placed on the network for local use only.
    • If you have printers, servers, or other devices where direct access from the Internet is not needed or is not prudent because of security concerns, send email to requesting a "Net 10 address" for that printer, server, or device.
  • UDelNet account tools: change username or password, register for internet access, etc.
  • What is my IP? (UD Hosted) OR
  • Request access to UD computing resources (e.g., UNIX accounts & projects, administrative systems, Cognos, UDrupal developer)


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